The farm Azienda Agricola Molinari give you the welcome in the webshop "Il Castagneto (Chestnut Grove)", the first italian website, online since 18th of march 2009, to promote Montella's territory through the selling of chestnuts.
The offered goods are exclusive of Montella and are organic.

Our target is to arrive with our Montella's Chestnuts (Protected Geographical Indication - PGI) directly on customers table without middle man. You're dealing directly with the grower:"from the producer to the consumer".
In this way to the consumer is transfer an unique product at the right price.

The farm aims to promote Montella's territory through the sale of Montella Chestnuts and derivative products from transformation of chestnuts by local producers.

The farm Molinari is located in Montella within the "Picentini Mountain Regional Park", altitude of 1000 m. The size of farm is 2 hectares for a total volume of 4 tons of chestnuts. The quality and quantity depending by annual atmospheric conditions. While the quantity is always good, the quantity is subject to strong swinging.

With the WebShop"Il Castagneto" you can receive directly at home the products with the instructions for the conservation and cooking.
Azienda Agricola Molinari

    Your satisfaction is our satisfaction!

Azienda Agricola Molinari
Via dei Ferrari 1/T, I-83048 Montella (AV);
Tel.:+39 327.3155137
P.IVA: 02945530646 - Registered CCIAA of Avellino nr.194281;
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